Fairmont State Foundation Launches Library Solar Power Campaign

Fairmont State Foundation Launches Library Solar Power Campaign

The Fairmont State Foundation launched a giving campaign in August, aimed at supporting the expansion of the FSU Solar Initiative at the Ruth Ann Musick Library.

The project is called “Powering the Pages, Empowering the Future” and it aims to fund the purchase of more solar panels at the library. At today’s prices, the cost is approximately $1,000 per installed solar panel. More than $25,000 has already been committed to the project and 24 solar panels have been installed on campus in the past year through grant-writing initiatives of students and faculty. A four percent reduction in energy usage in the library has also been achieved in the past year.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony  to commemorate the installation of the first eight solar panels on the library roof ws recetly held, and representatives from NASA, Dominion and the West Virginia Department of Education participated to honor funding of the project through their respective organizations. Dr. Don Trisel, dean for the College of Science and Technology, RJ Gimbl, president and CEO of the Fairmont State Foundation, and interim FSU President Stephen Jones spoke during the ceremony.

The ceremony was followed by a presentation by Colin Williams, Mountain View Solar (MTV Solar).  Williams’ company installed the solar panel systems on campus and has made other significant contributions to the project.

Fairmont State University’s Solar Initiative represents a vision for sustainability in the Ruth Ann Musick Library, developed collaboratively by students, faculty and staff. Efforts to raise awareness and reduce energy usage in the building are being coupled with fundraising for installation of rooftop solar panels.

Each solar panel installed reduces the amount of electricity that Fairmont State needs to purchase, and each panel will make electricity for 30-40 years. Every time the cost of electricity increases, the solar energy produces a greater financial benefit to the institution – making a solar panel truly a “gift that keeps on giving.”

For more information or to make a gift, please contact The Fairmont State Foundation at (304) 534-8786 or online at giving.fsufoundation.org

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